Arthur Xiao receives SVCF Scholarship to support his research in semiconductor materials

Xiao has been working on several projects in Prof. Zetian’s Mi’s group, including micro LED technology and renewable energy.
Yixin "Arthur" Xiao

ECE doctoral student Yixin “Arthur” Xiao received a scholarship from the Society of Vacuum Coaters Foundation (SVCF) to support his research in micro LEDs, renewable energy, and related technologies.

Xiao is currently working on the growth, fabrication, and testing of the best micro LEDs in the world. It is one of several projects he’s contributed to in his time at Michigan. He also has a strong interest in renewable energy generation, and has worked on some of the solid-state fabrication for the renewable energy projects.

“The group’s culture is very responsive,” said Xiao. “We work hard because we want to achieve things together. There’s a high level of trust among my colleagues.”

Yixin Xiao
Yixin “Arthur” Xiao in the molecular beam epitaxy lab. Photo Credit: Yifu Guo ECE MS. exp. 2023)

Xiao came to Michigan with a physics background, having attended Amherst College, a small liberal arts college with no engineering program. 

“Before coming to Michigan, I had only the slightest ideas about electrical engineering; for example, I had come across fundamental concepts such as the Fermi level only in mathematical abstractions,” said Xiao. “Fortunately, the transition to the solid-state area was not too difficult, but I wouldn’t be able to deal with integrated circuits,” he said with a smile.

We work hard because we want to achieve things together.

Arthur Xiao

Xiao was attracted to Michigan because of his advisor Prof. Zetian Mi’s research in renewable energy, and he’s found more to like here than just the collaborative group environment.

“Ann Arbor is beautiful, and the administrative support is great here,” said Xiao. “People are so friendly and things get done.” He even discovered a good friend from high school had settled nearby, drawn to the area because of his interest in working in the auto industry. 

Xiao is happy to be working in research with real-world impact. “There’s always a lot to do, which is better than the opposite,” said Xiao. “It takes a lot of work to keep meaningful things happening.”