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Digital Circuits and VLSI

MICL research on digital integrated circuits and VLSI spans from ultra-high performance computing using reconfigurable architectures to ultra-low power neural network accelerators for IoT applications. We have pioneered new techniques, including the use of subthreshold and near-threshold computing and in-memory computing for new gains in high performance and low power computing.

Prof. David Blaauw and Dennis Sylvester have research in low power and high performance digital circuits, including IoT, machine learning, intelligence at the edge, and mm-scale sensors. 

Prof. Robert Dick’s group is involved in the power, thermal, and reliability modeling and optimization of integrated circuits.

Prof. Hun-Seok Kim, in collaboration with Prof. Blaauw and Sylvester, is performing research in new deep learning algorithms and their circuit implementations for image and audio processing applications as well as wireless communication digital baseband.

Prof. Zhengya Zhang’s group is conducting research in hardware design for cognitive computing and machine learning, wireless and wireline communications, multi-chip integration, and computing using emerging memory devices.