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Digital Circuits and VLSI

MICL research on digital integrated circuits and VLSI spans a wide area from high-performance processors to ultra-low-power neural networks for applications in communication devices to IoT sensors and from in-memory computing techniques to emerging technologies.
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MICL research on wireless communication and radio frequency (RF) circuits spans from highly energy efficient implementations of RF standards, such as BLE, development of new low power and flexible transceivers and terahertz systems for imaging, bio-sensing, and high data rate communication.
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Embedded Systems and the Internet-of-Things

MICL has extensive research in embedded system and the emergence of the age of the Internet-of-Things. Research is focused on making edge-devices intelligent through novel machine-learning techniques, audio and computer vision systems, and ultra-small computing to open up new application domains. 
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Analog/Mixed Signals

MICL has an extensive range of research in analog and mixed-signal circuit design, ranging from interface circuits connecting bio-sensors to digital processing, low power amplifier designs, and power management, to high-speed wireline communication and minimally-invasive neural interfaces.
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