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Prof. Ehsan Afshari focusses on mm-wave and terahertz RF design for next generation ultra-high performance systems and the application of mathematical theory of wave propagation to high performance analog circuit design.

Prof. Michael Flynn’s group is investigating flexible and adaptable energy-efficient transceivers. New digital dominant techniques that exploit the speed of nanometer CMOS processes are being researched.

Profs. Hun-Seok Kim and David Blaauw collaborate on low power radios developing new non-orthogonal modulation and RF circuits designed for ultra-low power, energy harvesting sensor systems that are optimized for mm-scale system size and power sources. They also collaborate on RF-based algorithms and circuits for non-line-of-sight localization.

Prof. David Wentzloff’s group focuses on energy-efficient circuits for wireless communication. This includes ultra-low power (ULP) wakeup receivers that address interferers for better coexistence with other radios, reducing the cost of radios by eliminating external crystals and operating from harvested energy, and radios that close the gap between ULP research and commercial standards.